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5 Unique Texas Holiday Traditions

The typical Texan is known to take part in a number of traditions not everyone understands. Texans are also famous for welcoming others who want to take part in those traditions....

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How to Throw a Football Party in Texas

The end of the year brings many exciting events: the flurry of holidays, the dawning of a fresh, new year and the beginning of playoff pro football and college football bowl...

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Cheers to the Texas Hill Country Wineries

5 Texas Wines to Enjoy in Hill Country

Wine has long been a beloved beverage all over the world, with different regions producing their own distinct varietals that bloom to flavorful life thanks to their climate and surroundings. It...

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Top fall events in Texas

In Texas, we suffer through the hot summer months to get to the golden season of fall, the time of year when being outside feels wonderful and outdoor events are plentiful....

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traditional Oktoberfest

Where to Enjoy the Best Oktoberfest in Texas

Fall in Texas means slightly lower temperatures, less blistering sunlight and, thanks to a deeply-rooted German cultural history in the Lone Star State, plenty of Oktoberfest celebrations. History of Oktoberfest Oktoberfest...

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child socializing at party

4 Kid-Friendly Labor Day Party Ideas

Make all the neighborhood kids jealous with these party tips and games The Labor Day holiday has come to signify the end of the summer, which is why we tend to...

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beautiful lawn

5 Easy Steps to Eco-Friendly Lawn Care

Maintaining a natural lawn care regimen is easier than you think Maintaining a gorgeous, green lawn is hard enough for the average homeowner. Between soil tests, grass varieties and fertilizing schedules,...

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